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During the 1800s, the ‘Landing’ was an overnight resting place for those travelling on the riverboats, navigating the Waikato River. Riverboats would stop here and travellers would walk up the hill and stay at the old homestead, which neighbours the current Narrows Landing.

One such traveller was Governor George Grey, who during one such stay, planted pear seeds within the homestead’s orchard; over time these grew into the four large pear trees that can still be seen today when standing on the restaurant terrace.

Building began on The Narrows Landing in 1996, with the framework largely constructed using recycled electricity pylons that had previously been scrapped and buried. Great care was taken to ensure that only the bare minimum of on-site flora was removed to accommodate the build. Local untreated timber was used throughout and many of the windows are made of Totara, more than 100 years old. A truly rustic natural environment has been created and The Narrows Landing sits comfortably amidst the magnificent trees, lawns and gardens, as a modern yet boutique and beautiful setting for a wedding, reception, work function or get-away.

The Narrows Landing is closely affiliated with Hamilton East’s famous Two Birds Eatery, and in 2016, The Narrows Landing opened its own on-site Café, with the same values of premium quality, healthy and organic food. 

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Press Release

Hamilton business Two birds Eatery benefiting raw food movement

With the raw food movement is increasing in popularity Jojo Gittings, founder of Two Birds Eatery, expands beyond the flagship cafe in Hamilton East to Narrows Landing

A Waikato health food business is benefiting from consumers' changing food philosophy and the rise of the raw food movement.

Two Birds Eatery, an allergy-friendly raw and whole foods cafe in Hamilton that opened March 2014 has expanded quickly..

The cafe in a corner of the Clyde Street shopping centre is increasingly popular. with queues for tables on weekends.

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